Mayflower 400: Boston UK

Places to Visit

The Pilgrims Trail

Boston Guildhall Museum

Pilgrim Memorial

Events in Boston – Celebrating Mayflower 400

Pilgrim Family Day
Sat 11th April, 10.30am-3.30pm
Boston Guildhall Museum 

Boston: Threads to America 
Saturday  12th and Sunday 13th September
Central Park

Boston UK Mayflower 400 Marathon

Boston and the Mayflower story

One night in the autumn of 1607, a passionate and determined group of men, women and children secretly met a boat on the edge of ‘The Wash’ at Scotia Creek, Fishtoft, near Boston. They planned to defy the authority of the English church and escape across the North Sea to Holland to live in religious freedom. They had walked 60 miles from Scrooby, near Gainsborough, and were hoping for a new life.

They had arranged to travel with the captain of a ship; instead he betrayed them and the local militia seized the group and took their money, books and personal possessions. Stripped of their belongings and hope, the group were brought by boat back to Boston and held and tried at the Guildhall, home to the local law court and cells. After a month, most were sent back “from whence they came”, but seven ringleaders were ordered to the higher Assizes court of Lincoln.

Today, you can visit Boston Guildhall and see the cells where they were held. Nearby is the Pilgrim Fathers memorial marking the point at Scotia Creek from where they made their attempt to escape.

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